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User Converting Websites

We deliver exceptionally effective web design for businesses throughout different industries. We make it possible for our clients to enter new markets, build and strengthen customer relationships, and gain the competitive advantage they need to succeed. We implement our well curated processes, along with best strategy to deliver web design that converts.

Our web designs unite inspiration with content, beauty with function. 1Bar Design fuzes content with design strategically for the most impressive results. Our websites are seamlessly responsive to any screen size. We’re passionate about our clients, and do all we can to enable them to communicate their message, tell their story to both their existing clients, but also to new clients.

1Bar Design can help you take your business to the next level. Your company’s needs are our priority, and we are ready to design the creative, innovative website you’ve been dreaming of.

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

Responsive design is not to be taken for granted. Many web designers build out the desktop version of the site, and as a side note, adjust the website to fit mobile as well.

What they don’t know is that is killing 2/3 of your conversion!

At 1Bar Design, we recognize that most users nowadays are on-the-go and we design a mobile optimized version of your website that is specifically catered to strictly users on the run.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.


In our thriving technological advance era, there is no limit to the amount of screen sizes that exist. Between smartphones, tablets, desktops and jumbo screens, websites have a lot to handle nowadays.

At 1Bar Design, we know the struggle, and make sure that your website works everywhere. After all, you wouldn’t want to loose potential customers just because they’re on a nonstandard screen size.

The Design Process

A well crafted design process is crucial to the successful launch of your perfect website. At 1Bar Design, we have a formula that will surely take your site through the ranks.

We start off by creating a perfect plan. We discuss the content that you would like to include, as well as brainstorm what else we can include to attract the perfect clients.
Once we have a well thought out plan, we will start to implement the ideas on to a visual wireframe which we will craft into a strategic design catered towards the target market.
Upon approval of design concept, we will fill it with content, and develop the sketch into a website that is responsive to any screen it faces.
At this point, you are happy with the live site. We will wrap up by providing you with training materials to make sure you know how to make basic updates to your site when needed.
When you website is ready for launch, we will give it the final polishing touches, do a cross-browser check, to make sure it works everywhere, and transfer it to a live server.
Quality Assurance

Your website is built, you are happy, your customers are impressed. We make sure that your result with the best possible quality, and your website is in pristine shape.

Let’s Work Together

We know it hard to find a web designer who will suit your digital needs. Rest assured, you came to the right place. The agony is over.

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